Market leader, fast follower or late adopter?


Our experience and expertise enable us to identify market trends at an early stage in order to develop strategic long-term goals and foresight into future developments. We use our industry expertise to address the concerns and to determine achievable market targets and goals of our clients. Moreover, our international network of industry experts enable us to conduct groundbreaking studies that help us determine the best possible course of action for future developments.

Is South East Asia, China 2.0?

EFS is conducting in-depth research to identify opportunities and challenges for established and aspiring players within the South-East Asian market. The scope of the study ranges from trade agreements and their impact on production facilities as well as sourcing to market trends and their implications on platforms and modules.

Strategically managing emission excess premiums

EFS has developed a methodology to quantify the impact of worldwide CO2 legislations on vehicle cost and pricing models. By making CO2 a manageable variable we help our clients to predict future emission excess premiums and comply to regional legislation.