With new possibilities of Best Cost Country solutions through emerging markets, target costing and cost down is one of the most important issues that the automotive industry is facing today. Because of this added competition, Target Costing and Cost Down has become a priority  for us which we have tackled through our market research and insight of the industry. The use of our various cost management tools over several product cycles have enabled us to garner further experience to which we have been able to further cater each solution to the needs of our clients.  

Best Cost Country Sourcing
done right

While the need for BCC sourcing is undisputed, OEMs are constantly searching to find better cost-effective solutions. EFS has developed methods and databases to help with the decision in order to source which regions are best and what capabilities are already available there.

Making cost reduction stick

Achieving sustainable cost reduction results requires a deep understanding of OEM and supplier business processes.  EFS has demonstrated a good understanding through the 150 + cost reduction projects which we were entrusted to support during all stages of the product cycle.