As the automotive industry requires a fairly complex production, assembly and distribution system; it is important that OEMs maintain very streamlined processes to ensure that every part of the product cycle is efficient and cost-effective. Our knowledge and experience of product cycles have enabled us to understand the importance of operational excellence and how to streamline processes in order to optimize the strategic targets of OEMs.  Because of the competitive nature of the automotive industry, our tools for strategic operational excellence will allow OEMs to maximize their capacity to the fullest extent in order to best compete within their market.  

Targets & Guidelines

Define and describe specific targets as joint baseline for common understanding. Mapping diversity and synergies according to future trends and competences.

Organization & Process

Modeling of governance structures with defined roles  including clear TARs.
Design of lean process with clear interfaces

Transparency & Control

Definition of KPIs and design of transparency and visualization concepts to reach the requirements of planning, controlling and reporting.