In order to ensure that all of our clients retain their position as market leaders within the automotive industry, we are continually using our technical experience, deep understanding of product characteristics and awareness of market intelligence and trends to derive what challenges OEMs continually face during the product planning and branding.  Our ability to navigate technical automotive issues combined with asking the right questions, enables us to

give foresight into upcoming trends within the industry and further allows us to plan new products from a functional, technical and economical point of view.

We understand markets.

EFS has developed a Product Portfolio check methodology to help OEMs analyze the marketability of their products in emerging markets. By mapping market requirements with vehicle- and component platforms, our clients are able to offer the right products, at the desired technical complexity level for their targeted markets.

What can your product do for your brand?

Building a successful brand means being able to communicate what your product has to offer in an effective manner. With the EFS 5 Brand Principle toolkit our clients have been able to raise their brand image by timely combining market, POS and product measures.