The core domains virtual development and validation, digital manufacturing engineering as well as sales are increasingly gaining strategic value. Delivering competitive products is driven by the efficient interaction of these disciplines (Managing digital product and production). We differentiate between product and project data, which delivers the critical intelligence for the key decision making along the entire product life cycle. Based on years of experience in module and platform development, manufacturing driven design as well as characteristics management EFS shapes processes, aligns organizations and directs competence development for our clients in areas such as product data management, CAE and digital factory among others.

Agile Process Engineering

We believe in lean, incremental and prototype driven approaches.

So to engineer highly complex processes and facilitate the associated change efforts we developed an agile and user centric methodology.

This allowed us to design processes and conclude the resulting system requirements rapidly, while achieving process owner buy in. 

Project & Product Data - managed

Meeting market expectations by reducing time to market and expanding product portfolios while maintaining a competitive cost position requires informed and swift decisions.

EFS provides powerful controlling instruments such as  DocumizerTM, MPMTM linking information from sales, R&D and production. These tools deliver the vital intelligence for the critical decisions along the entire product lifecycle.

Next generation digital factory

In a global expert talk series with OEMs in Europe and Asia we discussed their approaches as well as upcoming  trends towards an ideal Digital Factory.

Together we identified the digital factory, aside from modular production, as one of the central levers to overcome the key challenges in production; namely the unprecedented complexity and investments caused by the increasing numbers of derivatives, vehicle classes and production sites.