Strengthening the brand & managing characteristics

Characteristics management aligns your company to think the way your future markets and customers do. By translating customer needs into technical specifications, we enable OEMs to better produce and customize their products and to reflect the demands of their target customers.

EFS has created a tool to translate these visions into reality by optimizing product cycles and ensuring inter-departmental communication is transparent and efficient when realizing each product. Having the ability to translate customers’ visions into a product enables OEMs to successfully brand themselves as not only a firm that understands the needs of customers, but also a firm that possesses the capabilities of answering them.

High ratings. Good Press.

Good ratings in car magazines and independent institutions are integral when marketing a product. By linking media evaluation criteria with set characteristics outlined by EFS, OEMs  can better anticipate future media reception and are thus better prepared to steer the product development process.

Interior luxury or frugality?

Interiors have always been a major facet of modern cars. With our market-proven methodology, we have enabled our clients to optimize interior costs without compromising positioning targets.

Going global, think local

Tailoring a product to local markets often requires more than simply changing colors and/or dimensions. EFS has developed a methodology to identify cultural differences in customer expectations and how to translate them into actual product requirements.