Automotive Industry

In 2015, 68,561,896 cars were produced worldwide, making the automotive industry one of the largest global industrial sectors that drive people and goods worldwide. The sheer size, diversity and complexity make the industry one of the hotbeds for new strategies, management approaches, cutting edge technologies and highly-efficient value chains.

With today’s ever-growing demand for efficient and rapid mobility, the automotive industry must face an increasing amount of challenges; such as looking to new regions for not only further sourcing opportunities but also for growing market demands. Market growth and segmentation creates a constant need for manufacturing flexibility in order to account for mass customization.   

OEMs in developed economies are facing the threat of stagnant growth as a norm, thus compelling them to balance the need for cost efficiency with innovation in order to maintain a stronghold within established markets while simultaneously gaining a competitive advantage in future growth markets.

As the pace of globalization and diversification increases, the current market increasingly fluctuates. The automotive industry will need to position themselves ahead of the curve in order to ensure that their products are constantly innovative and catered towards the needs of the customer. We at EFS are passionate about automotive industry developments and working at the forefront of market trends in order to tackle future challenges.