Often companies do not realize the many inefficiencies that can be found within their value chain. As experts within this field, we are experienced in breaking down value chains into segments for further assessment of the apparent risks, optimization of the processes as well as strategic options on how to improve transparency along the value chain.  Furthermore, we are developing global supply strategies that combine quality, process reliability and ideal ways of sourcing which help us to stay knowledgeable in the forefront of value chain optimization.  .

Pearl Chain

In order to stay competitive, a lean order and production sequence is required to optimize the interaction between OEMs, suppliers and customers. EFS helps to implement this philosophy in every process step of the production sequence and ensures that continuous cost down potentials are used.

Qualify for the front row

First time BCC suppliers often struggle with OEM guidelines and standards, thus EFS has developed a proven supplier assessment methodology which helps raises competency levels on the supplier side while adapting them to OEM requirements.  This two-way approach is based upon our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing global automotive industry standards.

Non-Tariff Barriers

Globalization leads to a supply of vehicles and components in various new markets.
Entering new markets means new requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to supply or source products. Especially the fast growing markets tend to implement regulations in order to control the access to their home-market (e.g Certification and marking of parts). Sanctions such as penalties and restricted market-access have been executed very rigidly